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Carnegie is a strategic board game by Quined Games. Inspired by the life of Andrew Carnegie, players develop their own companies while contributing to the country’s industrialization. First and foremost, the game requires players to carefully manage resources and employees. As a result, players must make crucial decisions to expand their business operations. Moreover, players can invest in various projects to earn bonus points at the end of the game.

The game is played over 20 rounds, and each round allows players to perform one of four possible actions. Additionally, players must choose actions that align with their long-term strategies. Consequently, planning ahead is vital for success. Players can gain benefits by constructing projects in cities and establishing networks. Therefore, cooperation and competition coexist, creating a dynamic gameplay experience.

Another key point is the importance of philanthropy in the game. Players can donate money to reserve goals that will earn points at the end of the game. Thus, balancing business growth and charitable giving becomes essential. Likewise, players must consider the timing of their actions. Ideally they are sending employees into a particular region just before the next player activates that region. Conversely, acting too soon might lead to a stalling income.

In the final analysis, Carnegie is a game of strategic depth and historical flavor. All in all, it offers a unique blend of resource management, project development, and competitive tactics. Players who enjoy planning and economic themes will find Carnegie particularly rewarding.

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