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We really appreciate the time you spend with us! Our goal is to release new episodes semi-monthly, on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Find a list of our episodes you can listen to here.

There is probably a fancy way to do this. I imagine having a grid of buttons, each one sporting a pretty logo. Or maybe a stock ticker display that shows the buttons scrolling across the screen! But for now here are a bunch of simple links you can use to find our show on your favorite podcast directory:

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In theory our hosting provider aggregates subscribers from all of the platforms into a single report. Please consider following or subscribing to our podcast. My guess is that some day those numbers could be really useful!

While we’re talking, it would be nice to know how and when you listen to Replayable. Are you listening to us at the gym? While walking the dog? Driving to work? Procrastinating while at work? Do you listen to us through air pods/ear buds, headphones, or good old fashioned speakers?

That last bit is important because some podcasts produce stereo files and then “pan” the guests to the left and the right, with the host being in the center. Our sound files are rendered in a single (mono) channel to keep the file size down, but I’m interested to know what you prefer when you’re listening.