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Let me tell you a story about Replayable…

We are a group of friends who have been playing board games together every week for over fifteen years. We love to talk about them, but we couldn’t find a podcast that cut through the fluff and got straight to the point about one game at a time. Even worse, most board game-related shows are vulnerable to the cult of the new. What about those older games that still pack a punch? They deserve some love, too!

That was how we came up with the idea for Replayable. Each episode, we’ll go into depth on a single game. Sure, we might mention others that we are reminded of — everyone loves a good comparison — but we’ll stay focused on that one game. We’ll be skipping past “how to play” and giving our unvarnished opinions. And ultimately we’ll try to answer the key question: is this game still replayable?

Here is a list of podcast directories where you can find us!

We love your feedback! It will only help us to get better. You can contact us via email at todd @ [this domain], or through our Twitter or Instagram accounts. Thank you, and enjoy the show!