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Cascadia, designed by Randy Flynn, invites players to shape diverse landscapes in the Pacific Northwest. The game seamlessly blends strategy and simplicity, making it accessible to both novice and seasoned gamers alike.

In Cascadia, players will draft a habitat tile that has been paired with a wildlife token. Habitat tiles are arranged to create harmonious ecosystems, reflecting the region’s natural beauty. Wildlife tokens are placed on top of matching habitat tiles. Notably, animals score separately from regions, so players must consider the immediate placement of tiles and also the long-term impact on their scoring opportunities.

The game’s elegant design promotes strategic thinking without overwhelming complexity, ensuring an engaging experience for players of all skill levels. Unquestionably, the inclusion of goal cards adds an extra layer of depth and enhances replayability.

Cascadia fosters a sense of connection to nature, as players witness their landscapes flourish with diverse flora and fauna. Certainly the game’s thematic resonance combined with its intuitive mechanics makes it a delightful journey into the wonders of the Pacific Northwest, where every decision ripples through the evolving ecosystem.

In this episode Todd, David, and Megan plumb the strategic depths of this seemingly friendly game. We also have an impromptu contest to determine who could come up with the best pun using one of the animal types in the game. Give us a listen!

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