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An Industrious Night

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Monday’s gaming session was an industrious night, with two games that transported us through different epochs of economic growth and industrial development. We began with Carnegie, a game inspired by the life and career of Andrew Carnegie, one of the most influential figures in American industrial history. Then we delved into the medieval mining boom of Kutná Hora: The City of Silver, an equally intense but historically distinct challenge.

Game 1

In Carnegie, we were thrust into the 19th-century American industrial revolution, competing to build the most successful enterprises. Paul and Greg quickly formed a formidable duo, diving headfirst into research and development. Their strategy was clear: maximize early advancements to outpace the competition in building capabilities. This focus allowed them to expand their networks significantly, laying down more discs and securing maximum scores from their networks. Greg showcased a philanthropic spirit that mirrored Carnegie himself, making strategic donations that ultimately gave him a slight edge over Paul.

Game 2

Our second game, Kutná Hora by Czech Games Edition, shifted the setting to 14th-century Bohemia. We became guild leaders competing to mine silver and develop the burgeoning City of Silver. My initial strategy centered on securing plot rights. Fortune smiled upon me when I saw that the Miner’s Guild was placed on the bottom row of my player board, and its blueprint was the most economical to build. I went rights-plot, setting myself up to build and enhance my reputation early.

Greg followed suit and mirrored my actions. Meanwhile, Paul and Dave chose to focus on early mining efforts, hoping to amass resources quickly. In the second round I acquired the rights to a second Miner’s Guild building. Its construction pushed my reputation into the second tier, making plot acquisition remarkably cheap at just 1 Kč per plot. With this advantage, I could afford to spend money on permits for blueprints. I constructed all four Miner’s Guild buildings. My reputation soared, and secured me the victory.

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