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Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage “Game” deploys a team of rogue agents with psychic abilities to stop the Recruiter. The Company once used its gifted operatives to stop global crises, but now the agency is corrupt. Fortunately, a small team of moral agents wants to stop the organization that is now dedicated to global domination.

Mind MGMT is a hidden movement, one-versus-many deduction game. One player assumes the role of the Recruiter, scouring the city to find more recruits. They track their moves on a secret map, and get help from henchmen called Immortals.

Contrarily the other players are rogue agents who try to stop the Recruiter before it’s too late! They investigate locations in the city looking for clues. Information is collected on “mental notes:” dry erase tokens that are placed on the board.

Straightaway two agents take their turns. Subsequently the Recruiter gets to move. After every other Recruiter turn, the number of successful recruits is revealed. The Recruiter wins by successfully finding twelve recruits, or evading capture for sixteen rounds. The rogue agents can only win by capturing the Recruiter.

In this episode Todd, Megan, and Paul accept the assignment to provide a debrief on Mind MGMT! Or at least, we think we made that decision for ourselves. You want to give us a listen!

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