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Forest Shuffle

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Forest Shuffle is a welterweight card game where players compete to create the most harmonious forest ecosystem. Players collect various flora and fauna cards, each with unique abilities and point values.

To begin, each player is dealt a hand of six cards. During their turn, they can either play a card or draw two cards from the deck and/or the “clearing.” If they choose to play a card, then they must meet the requirements specified on the card. Paying for an animal might cost two cards, which must also be paid from the player’s hand.

Not only do players have to manage their hand, but they also need to manage the cards in the clearing. For instance, you might want to withhold paying a European Hare to the clearing if you know the next player is collecting them. Consequently, careful planning is essential.

All of the cards in the clearing are removed from the game when there are ten or more cards there.

Another key point is that the game encourages biodiversity. Different power combinations encourage players to gather a variety of species. Conversely, focusing too much on one type can be risky if you don’t find the right cards to synergize.

At the end of the game, points are tallied based on the cards in each player’s forest. The player with the highest score wins. All in all, Forest Shuffle combines strategic depth with an engaging theme, making it a current darling among board game enthusiasts.

We recorded this episode on little sleep, and we were a bit punchy by the end. Pull up a chair and give us a listen!

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