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Obsession, crafted by Dan Hallagan, transports players into the opulent world of 19th-century England. In this strategic board game, players compete to build the grandest estates and secure their family’s social standing.

Players build structures and host lavish events to attract influential guests. Likewise with luck they can also attract the attention of the lofty Fairchilds! Altogether players navigate the intricacies of high society, facing challenges and seizing opportunities to outmaneuver their rivals.

Obsession is distinguished by its thematic depth which meticulously captures the ambiance of Victorian England. Surprisingly, the game feels like you are playing through the events you would see on an episode of Downton Abbey or Bridgerton.

Certainly Obsession offers a blend of resource management, hand management, and tableau building. Players balance short-term gains with long-term investments. As a result, decisions are made about when to expand their estates. Can they manage their staff to curry favor with prestigious guests?.

The game’s elegant design is evident by its attention to detail in its components and artwork. From the ornate cards depicting characters and events to the intricate game board illustrating sprawling estates, Obsession is positively dripping with theme. Understandably, Dan Hallagan says that theme is the most important aspect of the game, and everything was sacrificed on the altar of theme.

In this episode Megan, Paul, and Todd try to improve their own family’s social standing at the others’ expense, and possibly with the help of a certain useful Shelby. Give us a listen!

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