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Tech Talk Part 2

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We’ve been at this for over a month, now. It’s time for another peek behind the curtain!

We’re going to settle on Podcastle for our recording solution. I’m holding off on paying for a year up front until Labor Day comes around. My hope is that they will offer a promotional discount. The last time they had a promotion was at Thanksgiving six months ago. They are due for another one.

We’re also staying on for the moment. We were able to get two free months of hosting thanks to a promo code that I found on The Podcast Host. I like their analytics! We will revisit this decision later.

I’m still using Audacity for editing. After producing four episodes I’m starting to feel like I have escaped from The Matrix: I don’t even see the code anymore. All I see is “ummmm,” “it’s like,” and “you know.”

This site is running on WordPress, and for a while I was using Jetpack Social to auto-post to our Twitter account. Unfortunately, recent changes to the Twitter API meant Jetpack couldn’t continue offering that service for free. I’ve moved over to Buffer to manage our social media posting. On the bright side it looks better and it can post to our Instagram account. The jury is still out as to whether I will create a Facebook page.

We use Trello to schedule our game nights and to vote on the games we will be playing. We use Slack for our everyday chats and memes, and Google Drive for episode signups and show collaboration. I’m guessing that you don’t need a link for that! And we have a custom web app that I wrote which allows us to search all of our collections to see if someone owns a particular game. The data for that app is pulled from BoardGameGeek.

That should cover this second installment. Quite a bit of effort goes into the production of our show. We hope that you are enjoying the results!

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