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Twenty Thousand!

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It took us five months and eleven episodes to get to ten thousand downloads. It only took us three months and another seven episodes for the next ten thousand. That’s twenty thousand downloads, and our audience has expanded to listeners from 72 countries worldwide! Slowly but surely, we are making progress!

As always, we humbly appreciate all of your support. We are also grateful for the feedback that we’ve received! Several of the games you have suggested have been added to our schedule, although you’ll have to wait and see which ones! Please keep those comments coming!

We just published Replayable as a podcast on YouTube, so if you prefer to listen to episodes there then you can do so now! And you can always send us an email (todd at replayable dot fm), or contact us through our Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Tomorrow we’ll be recording the New Year’s episode which should include a live playing session with the entire crew. Keep your fingers crossed it all works out as well as we hope! And we have more surprises in store for you in 2024.

Here’s looking forward to the next twenty thousand downloads. Have a wonderful holiday season and please help us spread the word!

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