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Ten Thousand!

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After five months and eleven episodes, we have surpassed ten thousand downloads from 67 different countries! I remember when we reached one thousand downloads, and it wasn’t long after that we got to two thousand. I didn’t want to post updates on an ever-shortening timeline, so I thought I would go logarithmic with it and wait for the next factor of 10. It arrived faster than we thought!

We are truly humbled by the appreciation you all have shown us, and we are grateful for your support! Listening to our episodes and telling others about us helps us to get the visibility we need to attract sponsors. We are excited to announce that we got our first sponsor in Floodgate Games, the makers of games like Sagrada Artisans! Please keep spreading the word!

We also want to give our heartfelt thanks to our small team of supporters over at Patreon! If you are enjoying the content we are providing then please consider joining the team! It is not hyperbole to say that every little bit helps. Even having our first sponsor, we have yet to break even on our annual operating costs.

And if you have a moment then please drop us a line to let us know how we’re doing! We like to think that we have hit our stride, but we can always do better! Let us know what you like and more importantly what we can change! You can contact us via email at todd @ [this domain], or through our Twitter or Instagram accounts. We sincerely appreciate you making the extra effort.

Our twelfth episode is scheduled to be published this Friday, September 15th. We take on a monster of a game that enjoyed its reign at the top of the rankings! We hope that you enjoy listening to it!

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