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Everything Old is New Again

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Everything old is new again! This week game night combined an old favorite with something new in the form of Great Western Trail: Argentina. The game took a surprising amount of time to teach given that all had played the original Great Western Trail several times previously. I’m wondering if it may have taken longer to teach just because we were asking lots of questions about how the mechanics in this game were different when compared to the original.

Paul was the only one who had played GWT:A previously, and was clearly on another level. He made moves far beyond our understanding, and won easily.

Meanwhile, in the Haven that is now Frosty…

More old things are new again! Unable to attend game night with the rest of us, Greg and his sons played their fourth session of Frosthaven. They have already made some tough decisions that will have long-reaching effects. They are enjoying the outpost phase and are excited to see how it grows over many sessions. Greg offers this advice without spoilers:

“Avoid meta when making group decisions. In other words, don’t try to game the game.  Play towards your characters’ goals, get into the story, and do what sounds fun/cool.  You can’t force this game to reveal things more quickly than it’s designed to, which is a good thing. Enjoy it!”

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