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One Thousand!

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With only three episodes published so far, we have had over one thousand downloads from 30 different countries! I’m sure that there are some veteran podcasters out there who are thinking “Aw, how cute.” But we’re just getting started, and this is an incredible achievement for us!

We are humbled by the friendly reception you all have given us, and we are grateful for your support! We’re having a lot of fun making these episodes for you. Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us.

When you have a moment, please consider giving us some feedback! We are making this up as we go along, so let us know what you like and more importantly what we can change! You can contact us via email at todd @ [this domain], or through our Twitter or Instagram accounts. Every little bit helps, and we sincerely appreciate you making the extra effort.

Our fourth episode is scheduled to be published this Monday, May 15th. We talk about a very popular game, and a little bird told me that we will be joined by a new voice on our podcast!

Enjoy the show! And if you would be so kind, please tell a friend about us!

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