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Dune: Imperium

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For our second episode Todd, David, and Paul conquer Dune: Imperium. Set in the sci-fi classic Dune universe, it is currently ranked #10 on BoardGameGeek. You are the leader of one of the Great Houses of the Landsraad. Each round you send your agents to gather resources, influence, and marshal your forces. War is coming, and at the center of the conflict is Arrakis – Dune, the desert planet.

Dune: Imperium uses deck building to add a hidden information angle to the traditional worker placement mechanism. Use the cards in your hand for their icons which determine where you may place your agents. Alternatively, use them as part of your “reveal” at the end of the round. Spend persuasion to add new cards to your deck, and add military strength in the form of swords to your troops fighting in the conflict.

Board spaces allow you to harvest spice, collect water, earn money, or gain influence with powerful factions. Each round concludes with a conflict: a battle fought over valuable resources and victory points! Calculate your strength by the number of troops you committed from your garrison. Surprisingly, this value increases with the cards you reveal. As a result the House with the most military strength dedicated to the conflict, wins.

A game lasts a maximum of ten rounds, or when a player earns ten victory points.

The game was released in 2020. The cards feature many images inspired by the 2021 film by Denis Villeneuve. Does having Timothée Chalamet on a card help or hinder the game? Give us a listen and find out!

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