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Amun-Re is an auction and development game set in Ancient Egypt that spans two ages: the Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom. An age is three rounds, and begins with a fierce auction for provinces. Each province is unique, with some offering more benefits than others.

After the auction players buy cards, hire farmers, and add stones to their tombs. Three stones in the same province are converted into a pyramid!

Players then decide how much gold they want to sacrifice to Amun-Re. The player who gives the most receives the most gifts, while others may choose to steal instead. The total value of all offerings less thefts determines how much income will be earned before the next round.

At the end of the Old Kingdom a scoring phase occurs and then the board is reset with the exception of the pyramids and stones. Those remain, and affect the value of provinces for the New Kingdom.

Amun-Re’s blend of auction, resource management, and strategic planning makes it an exciting and thought-provoking gaming experience. With its captivating theme and dynamic gameplay, it offers a unique and rewarding experience for players seeking a challenging strategy game.

In this episode Todd, David, and Greg gnash our teeth and rend our garments over this classic game!

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