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A Medley of Games

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We enjoyed a medley of games, starting with Patchwork. I arrived late, so David and Megan snuck in a play of this quaint polyomino duel. David wanted the small, one-square patches from the progress track but always stopped one space short. Megan raced by and picked them all up. She easily wove her way to victory.

Game Two

Next we played the Empire Edition of Kingdom Builder. Every component is lavishly upgraded! The buildings are unique sculpts in each color. The special power tokens are silk-screened acrylic tiles. Even the cards are monstrously-sized! I don’t have a good understanding of this game, and yet I always seem to do well. I forded rivers and sealed off a castle, and in the end I scored enough points to win.

Game Three

The next game was Favor of the Pharaoh. It is a reimplementation of To Court the King with an ancient Egyptian theme. David luckily rolled seven ones on seven dice and claimed the Queen’s Favor! Unfortunately, Megan could only roll six dice so she was out. I had nine dice, and I finally rolled seven sixes. David couldn’t match that feat. As a result, I was awarded the favor of the Pharaoh!

Megan called it a night there. Meanwhile, David and I played an epic game of Saint Petersburg!

Game Four

Two-player Saint Petersburg tends to favor buildings because both players usually end up with ten unique nobles. This game was the exception. In the final round David had ten unique nobles. Conversely, I only had seven. David used his Observatory to peek at the noble cards and found the last Judge. I got no help there.

Four noble upgrades remained, so I bought all of the cards in the noble phase to make room. I needed three of them to appear. I slowly revealed each card. Alas, I only drew two noble upgrades and David won by seven points!

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